Tips and tricks to keep yourself safe on the Internet

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Security is the first priority for us. So i’m going to give you some tips and tricks to stay safe and secure on the internet while browsing the facebook, twitter, instagram or anything else that you use in your daily life.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Create Unique Passwords :- Always try to make your password unique and different and always use the mixture of Lower Case, Upper Case, Digits and Special Characters To make your password Unpredictable and always change your password on the regular basis. and never use the same password on your different accounts.
  •  Use Two-Factor Authentication :- Two-Factor Authentication adds another layer of security when you logging into a website like Facebook, Gmail, Shopping, Banking or any other websites.  Some websites, such as Google, Facebook, will text you a code when you login to verify your identity, while others have small devices that you can carry around to generate the code.  Authenticator apps are also available on all major smartphone platforms. Other types of two-factor authentication do exist as well, so look in the settings of your Gmail, Facebook, Shopping, Banking website for this option.
  • HTTPS access :- The HTTPS stands for “Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure”, Always try to access websites on HTTPS. This connection adds another level of encrypted security when logging in, or while any online transaction, or banking. To check if you are on a HTTPS connection, look for a padlock in the URL bar in the browser or check the URL itself for it to begin with HTTPS. The https connection makes more difficult for data thieves to gather or intercept your information when you are online and using any website.
  • Never Share your Personal Details To Anyone :- Never Ever share your personal information  with the person you meet online. Be careful when making friends on the internet. Many great friendships can be cultivated through social media, but there are many people who pretend to be someone they are not.
  • Phishing Scams :- Always check the domain or URL of the website while logging in any website. Websites like Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, will never ask you for your e-mail password. Don’t fall for it and give away your password.
  • Keep up to date :- Keep Your system and your operating system up to date to prevent yourself from Security Breaches .
  • Use Anti-Virus :- Use Anti-Virus Programs and Anti-Spyware and Firewall to make your system secure from hackers and always make your anti-virus programs up to date to make your system secure from latest threats