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Our creative team of designers and engineers are result-oriented and work with the state of art technology. You can trust our team to deliver the goods. Our Enterprise DNA framework helps address business pain-points and extract the most out of your digital investments.

Ashish SharmaFounder & CEO

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We are a software development company from India helping enterprise businesses in their digital transition through our suite of web and mobile application services.

Ashish Sharma Founder & CEO At

Ashish Sharma

Founder & CEO

I’m a Passionate & Creative, Digital Marketer, Digital Solution Provider, and Cyber Security Advisor based in India. My interests range from technology to entrepreneurship. I am also interested in Cyber Security, web development, programming, design, and management. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any medium.
Harsh Singh

Harsh Singh

Creative Content Expert

I always learn from the mistakes of others who take my advice.

Ashish Routray

Creative Marketing Expert | Motivational Speaker

Ashish Routray believes knowledge compounds by sharing. His acquaintances appreciate his Leadership and decision making skills. His communication pattern creates an appeal to the listener to rethink over his decision. His morals revolve around acquiring niche knowledge about every possible thing than to be dominant in only one thing.
He says - You will face a lot of "NO" in your life, but all you have to wait for is that One "YES... ".

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